Rationel Windows and Doors

Good, solid, quality workmanship has characterised Rationel’s windows and doors since the first products were shipped from it’s factory in Denmark in 1954.

The Beginnings

It all began over 60 years ago when a young craftsman, Richard R. Neilsen, had his first order for 31 barn windows.  This enabled him to invest in some modern machinery.

Soon his workshop became a factory from which a good, solid, forward thinking business was built up.

With consistently high standards of craftsmanship, together with Danish quality and know-how, Rationel are now an internationally respected company and part of the Dovista Group.

Elevation Windows Limited share these core values.  Recognising the benefits to our customers and, as authorised, approved specialists, we are happy to take you through the ranges and design options.

New windows and doors are an investment in the future. They must match the house style and energy requirements, whilst living up to homeowners’ expectations and lifestyle aspirations.

Modern Facilities

Today, with its modern production facilities and superior products, all of which comply with current statutory requirements, Rationel is truly at the forefront of energy efficient window and door manufacturing.  They offer some of the best solutions for security and comfort as well as beautiful and adaptable design possibilities.

Take a look around Rationel Windows in this video.


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