Aluminium – did you know?

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Aluminium – is one of the most widely used metals in the world today!

  •                 It’s strong…
  •                                 67% lighter than steel…
  •                                                Easy to form into shape…
  •                                                                 Doesn’t corrode or deteriorate ….

It’s used for aircraft, cars, domestic appliances, kitchen utensils, food processing and cans….

and it’s used for windows and doors!                

Aluminium frames are robust and won’t warp.  They are durable…need little maintenance …are energy efficient and can withstand variable weather conditions.

And then….when all is said and done…aluminium can be recycled….over and over and over again…with no effect on quality and using just 5% of the energy used to create the primary metal.


It’s calculated that 75% of all aluminium produced since industrial output began in the late 19th century is still in use today.*

*UK Aluminium Industry

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